Find an OTR Sales Representative in your Area

The Yokohama OTR sales staff work as on-site partners with our customers. These professionals have a high degree of technical knowledge and decades of experience among them. The map below shows the areas covered by Yokohama's OTR sales staff.

Gary Nash:

President Mexico Sales
U.S.A. OTR Advisor

Tim Easter:

Director OTR Sales

Mike Baggett:

National Sales Manager

John Boysen:

Industrial Products Manager

Sam Kwa:

National Account/O.E. Manager

Stan Wach:
800-423-4544 x7755

AJ Amburn:
800-423-4544 x7753

Jim Hobbs:
800-423-4544 x8711

Rob Miller:
800-423-4544 x8712

Greg Calkins:
800-423-4544 x8716

Steve Jones:
800-423-4544 x7754

Henry Childress:
800-423-4544 x7752

Ray DeVone:
800-423-4544 x7758

Joe Garcia: 800-423-4544 x7201